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Drive on the longest straight road in the Azores

Drive on the longest straight road in the Azores

The ‘Longitudinal’ road on Pico island is definitely one of the most beautiful roads in all of Portugal. It is mostly due to its clear view of Pico mountain – the highest peak of the country. It represents the regional road Nº 3-2ª and it is 23km long, with the longest straight line in the Azores of 9km.

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This road is longer than the length of some Azorean islands, but even if this is a straight line, it is recommended to drive carefully as some cows can appear in the middle of the road.

On the way, in addition to the gorgeous views of the volcano that can be covered in snow in the wintertime, there is a small cave with beautiful geological patterns.

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The Longitudinal is located in the area of the central plateau, one of the most beautiful parts of the island.

The road leads to several highlights such as the wonderful Lagoa do Capitão – the second-biggest lake on the island. It also leads to the road that goes up to the mountain house, where you can start to hike Portugal’s highest mountain.

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