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Pico Vineyard Cultural Landscape

Pico Vineyard Cultural Landscape

The Pico Vineyard Cultural Landscape, located on Pico Island in the Azores archipelago, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. It was an extremely important achievement for the region, which fills a total area of 987 ha and a buffer zone with 1,924 ha

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Its territory partially encompasses the North and South coasts, and the West coast of Pico Island, having as reference two historical sites, the Lajido da Criação Velha and the Lajido de Santa Luzia, rich in natural beauty and beautiful landscapes, having a traditional architecture linked to the culture of the vine, which is all cultivated in fields of black lava.

It is possible to observe in the locality several walls parallel and perpendicular to the coast, penetrating towards the interior of the island, whose purpose is to protect the vines from wind and sea water. In addition, one can also observe a well-diversified fauna and flora, with several endemic species and communities that are rare and considered permanent protection areas.

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