Pico Island
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Santo Amaro

Why Santo Amaro?

Very simple: because it offers all the comforts of the West in the heart of paradise.

A safe place
Safety and security, boasting a near zero crime rate
The Architectural projects are energy efficient and designed to reduce the impact of construction on the landscape.
Move around easily
You can travel by car from one end to the other without any problems or restrictions.
Health System
Health services include a fully equipped hospital in Horta on Faial, health centers with family doctors on both Faial and Pico, good pharmacies and quick emergency evacuations to Terceira, São Miguel or Lisbon if the need for such arises.

Santo Amaro

is a portuguese village in the municipality of São Roque do Pico in the Azores, with an area of 12.70 km² and 288 inhabitants. Its population density is 22.7 inhab/km².
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Natural Pool
Enjoy the view and swiming with relax